Docs for Transaction History csv files

I’m unable to find documentation for the Transaction History csv files, can anyone point me in the right direction?


which “Transaction History csv” are you referring?

Downloaded following these instructions:

And the header line is:

do you have any difficulties with the report?

Yes. here are all of the Account,Operations present in the data I have:

$ cat | csvcut -K 2,3 | sort | uniq
Coin-Futures,Referrer rebates
Pool,Pool Distribution
Spot,Commission History
Spot,Commission Rebate
Spot,ETH 2.0 Staking Rewards
Spot,Savings Interest
Spot,Savings Principal redemption
Spot,Savings purchase
Spot,Small assets exchange BNB
Spot,Transaction Related
USDT-Futures,Referrer rebates

I’m trying to process the data to convert it to csv files compatible with tax software, so I need to understand the definition of each of these operations and how they are related to each other.

Looking at the data and finding a few pieces of information on the internet I’ve learned a few things. For example if the operations [Spot.Buy, Spot,Transaction Related] that are found with the same timestamp then these are a “Trade”. The “Buy” being the coin being purchased, “Transaction Related” the coin being sold and “Fee” being coin that is used to pay fees for the transaction.

Anyway, I’d sure like more clarity on these operations from Binance.

These are different types of transactions, e.g.

Spot,Fee  => trading fee
Spot,Small assets exchange BNB  =>  assets that converted to BNB
Spot,transfer_in => funds move within Binance account.

I understand that, were is the documentation?

Here are a couple examples of documentation:

Is there such documentation for binance?

We have shared the concern to the team, hope it will be improved soon.


Binance - documentation on the csv download is really important as we upload files to tax packages.
I need to understand definitions for :

  • Transaction Related << no idea what this data is
  • POS savings purchase
  • POS savings redemption < assume these are moves in and out of staking pools

Spot,Small assets exchange BNB << i get this, but how do I have a BNB asset line? Exchanging BNB for BNB?

example of “transaction related”