Different stream shows different prices

I have subscribed the following streams but they all show me different prices:

stream: kline_1m, key: “c”
stream: aggTrades, key: “p”
stream: trade, key: “p”

I want to get real-time trade information with price and quantity. Which one do i have to subscribe?

I’m checking the price with Binance and only kline seems correct. What am i doing wrong here?

Could you give out some examples to show how did you compare the price?
kline_1m does not provide the real-time data as it is a summary of the trades within 1 min. AggTrade and trade give out real-time data but there may be multiple records at the same time.

My problem is, i subscribe to aggTrades but when i compare the data with Binance’s price, it’s totally different

I have updated the question and also uploading the screenshot

Which price are you referring to on the site? Do note that the time of the prices on the UI are shown in local time.

Basically the price api showing is different than the current price Binance futures showing. I’m trying to get the current price. I’m fetching previous kline_1m and would like to update real-time.

I see that even live kline shows different prices

here are three links i am using


The links shown here are futures data stream. Ensure that you are not comparing futures data with spot.

I have solved the problem. I had added a function and that was lagging. Thank you all guys