Differences between historical and live data

I am working with 5 min historical data, using “client.get_klines(symbol=‘BTCUSDT’, interval=‘5m’)”.
I found many differences between the API historical data and live data from the chart in Binaces website.

For example: on timestamp 1651445700000

  • API historical data: Open:38272.72 High:38418.36 Low:38205.68 Close:38297.22
  • Binace sport chart: Open:38272.71 High:38441.68 Low:38205.67 Close:38306.65

This is one example and there are many like this and even worse.

Spot, USD-M or COIN-M market?


The data you provided comes from the testnet environment. The testnet is not a copy of the real trading market, and values may be different.