detecting unsent usersocket

I’ve been looking at trade and usersocket history of my program and found that there has been unsent ‘account_update’ user socket that made my program to run into errors.

as you can see below a sell order has been sent at 8:09

2021-12-06 08:09:00.194991
{‘e’: ‘ORDER_TRADE_UPDATE’, ‘T’: 1638745740166, ‘E’: 1638745740173, ‘o’: {‘s’: ‘BTCUSDT’, ‘c’: ‘AmO3X3WoDlF2mKRtfvHu91’, ‘S’: ‘SELL’, ‘o’: ‘MARKET’, ‘f’: ‘GTC’, ‘q’: ‘0.017’, ‘p’: ‘0’, ‘ap’: ‘0’, ‘sp’: ‘0’, ‘x’: ‘NEW’, ‘X’: ‘NEW’, ‘i’: 37370839949, ‘l’: ‘0’, ‘z’: ‘0’, ‘L’: ‘0’, ‘T’: 1638745740166, ‘t’: 0, ‘b’: ‘0’, ‘a’: ‘0’, ‘m’: False, ‘R’: False, ‘wt’: ‘CONTRACT_PRICE’, ‘ot’: ‘MARKET’, ‘ps’: ‘BOTH’, ‘cp’: False, ‘rp’: ‘0’, ‘pP’: False, ‘si’: 0, ‘ss’: 0}}

and no account_update has been sent to me which made my program to think the order was not made and kept making sell market for every minute

I assume that it has the potential of causing a bigger problem in the future
How could I detect whether the user socket has not been sent?

MARKET order is guaranteed to be executed to filling in the matching engine. I would suggest to check the connection, maybe try to reconnect and see if you could recieve all data as expected.

user socket works most of the time, what im having trouble of is that it doesn’t sometimes and it makes program to run wild