Deposit/Withdrawal history of fiat transactions via REST?

I tried:


But it seems both of them do not return any fiat (Euro) withdrawals, why?! At least the default call (every paramter None, status=6) only returns BTC and ETH withdrawals, while my latest withdrawal was EUR.

So how can I get all my withdrawals/deposits (crypto and fiat) via REST API?

Do you have solution for this, my friend? If I can’t control the balance deposited in FIAT currencies, I can’t control the balance between buying and selling between trades.The only solution I have in mind is to post deposits manually using a form. Task that no user would do.

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No FIAT api unfortunately

thanks, then please add fiat into these call.

In addition:

  1. The deposits have no “id”, is this intended?
  2. Withdrawals should include the paid fee for this withdrawal. (at least GET /sapi/v1/capital/withdraw/history does not have it, the other withdrawal list from wapi has it)
  3. from sapi, the insertTime of deposits is a timestamp, while the applyTime from withdrawals from sapi is a date format.

So all in all, although you have 2 calls for deposits and 2 for withdrawals it lacks alot of crucial information. I think you should remove all of them and implement one that contains all information and has offset as parameter. And while improving, you should also allow a timeframe more than 90 days, but do pagination or sth like this, like every other exchange does it.

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why? please add …

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Not sure what’s point of having it


Thanks for the feedback


now that binance is removing “wapi” and therefore again is removing important information instead of adding them, I have to remind you (binance) to this:

sapi does still not have the transaction fee and the insertTime is inconsistent (according to documentation). And of course fiat transfers are still missing, really terrible user experience here…

and to MJWs question regarding “IDs” eg for deposits: Yes , what is the point of IDs? Lets remove Order IDs and all other kind of IDs no one needs it. Come on! IDs are identifiers to make sure to not count specific ones double and many more usecases.


@MJW @dino

Thank you for updating the deposit/withdrawl history endpoints.
Withdrawals on sapi have finally transactionFee (although not yet visible in your documentation)

So the only things missing are:

  1. the “applyTime” in the withdrawal history is still a date string, while binance Always uses timestamps everywhere else (even in the deposit history). And this date string is even without any information about timezone. (is it UTC? please confirm)
  2. deposit “id” would be helpful, to make sure I do not save the same transaction twice in my personal records.
  3. Fiat transfers are still missing as far as I can tell.
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Hey there, marked this topic as feature_requests for team to review. Thank you

Thanks @Serpens66 for pointing it out. I also like your described “normal” API design with pagination, but this would be way too intuitive :rofl: I would be perfectly happy if at least all the information were included…

Is there any news on this topic? It is a really useful data. I need it to control some legal requirements in Brazil and this is the main missing content I need.

All Brazilian customers who needs this kind of info will be in trouble.

Yes, being able to see fiat withdrawals/deposits is important. Can this please be added to the API?

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When they will release this API feature. It is simple, just add FIAT history.

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When FIAT history? It’s a crucial feature.
Unacceptable its lack of information.

Hi. Please take a look at the newly released endpoints.

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