Deposit and Withdrawal history past 90 days

I am building a tax reporting tool and I see that there is a 90 days limitation for the resources:

GET /sapi/v1/capital/deposit/hisrec
GET /sapi/v1/capital/withdraw/hisrec

That is very limiting for tax reporting purposes, as I need all token deposits and withdrawals for 2021-01-01 and forward. Without that, I have no way to track my transactions on respective networks. I need in- and outbound addresses…

Are there any other ways to read history for 2021?

This cannot be done via the API as it only supports a time window of 90 days. The alternative is to export the transaction history via the Binance UI.

There is a real problem with the Binance API limitations that do not return data prior to a certain time (more than 3 months, more than 90 days etc.)
Binance is the most used exchange, and many of us need to build tools for tax reporting. Manually exporting data isn’t an option, we need to have access to any data that records a funds transfer on the account.

agree with that…