Delivery API Funding Info


Having trouble retrieving data from REST API endpoint for binance-delivery dapi.

When accessing, I am always returned an empty list, but able to get some valid response from other endpoints like fundingRate and klines.

Am I missing something in my query? This exact same query works for the futures endpoints at fapi, but i’m not getting anything for dapi.

response = requests.get(“”)


Expected Results:

        "symbol": "BLZUSDT",
        "adjustedFundingRateCap": "0.02500000",
        "adjustedFundingRateFloor": "-0.02500000",
        "fundingIntervalHours": 8,
        "disclaimer": false   // ingore

The API funding Info returns information about funding contracts that had their funding rate cap, rate floor, or interval hours adjusted. If there were no adjustments in the last interval, it returns an empty array. For more information, refer to the documentation and the contract info.