/dapi/v1/income endpoint pagination issue

Until 1-2 weeks ago, I could successfully fetch my COIN-M account’s entire income history by passing startTime=1583024400000 (2020-03-01) for the /dapi/v1/income endpoint. Now, I can only get transactions until August 23, 2020 when passing this timestamp. The API returns a total of 21 records from this request so the reason is not the 1000 records limit.

If, however, I pass startTime=1626825600000 (2021-07-21), I get transactions from this date → current date. Based on this, I assume that Binance has introduced some kind of “max date range” in the last couple of weeks without mentioning this in the changelog. It is neither mentioned in the documentation for the endpoint: Binance API Documentation

This is very frustrating since we cannot possibly know what is the maximum date range we can specify to get all records. A conservative solution would be to loop requests with startTime + endTime for 7 days query window (for example), but this is a really bad solution resulting in unnecessary load on the server. It’s also very strange that we could get ALL records without specifying a date range only a few weeks ago.

I should also note that this issue/limitation does NOT apply for the USD-M endpoint /fapi/v1/income. I can still get all records for the past 2 years without specifying a date range.

Any clarification regarding this would be highly appreciated. A lot of third-party software integrations are now probably broken because of this issue/change from Binance without notifying developers.

Hi @cryptovkng, thank you for the feedback.
We’ve registered it internally and if needed, we’ll update the API Doc accordantly.

@cryptovkng The max time range is 200 days, we’ll update the API Doc.

Thanks, I also discovered that yesterday :slight_smile: