Cross margin loan does not use BNB sometimes

Hello All,

I am using Margin orders, with ‘MARGIN_BUY’ side effect, which should loan automatically.
In my setting I have “use BNB for loans” enabled, and often (19/20) cases it works well.
However, sometimes it uses the symbol I am trying to borrow for the loan.

The sell order then fails, as it does not have enough of the symbol to create the order.

For example - I create a order to sell 5 mana with “MARGIN_BUY” side effect.
The expected behaviour is to borrow 5 mana, increase my BNB loan and create the sell order.

However, what happens is that I borrow 5 mana, pay ~0.0000005 mana in interest (why is it payed auto i am not sure), then then the sell order for 5 mana fails (as I only have 0.4995 mana).
Further interests on this loan will also be payed from MANA and not BNB.

Any help on this would be appreciated.

you need to have BNB in the margin account first, please feel free to contact customer support to review the order if you still have any concern on your margin order.