[Critical] Invalid real-time transaction data was received.

Hi there. I’m receiving futures websocket execution data and have noticed that sometimes I’m receiving strange prices.

I received data that showed BTCUSDT going from the price of 28212.5 to 7203.05 in a matter of seconds, and I felt serious.

At 16:53:45 UTC+9, we received data that the BTCUSDT futures price was executed at 7203.05.
So when I tried to retrieve the execution data by trade_id value through the API, only that trade_id value is returned as empty.

symbol: BTCUSDT
The trade_id of the problem : 3455125213

Data logs actually received :

Has anyone else had the same problem as me?

If you have, please share how you solved it.

Thank you.

I seem to have solved it myself.

I was using the websocket channel “symbol@trade” and found that after converting it to “symbol@aggTrade” I no longer had the problem.

I hope this helps others as well.