Create Stop limit order for Futures API

Hi, I’m trying to create a Stop Limit order on the Futures (test) API, using the following data

  "symbol" => "BTCUSDT"
  "side" => "SELL"
  "type" => "STOP_LOSS_LIMIT"
  "quantity" => 0.034
  "price" => 21800.0
  "stopPrice" => 21800.0
  "timeInForce" => "GTC"
  "timestamp" => 1676230320000
  "recvWindow" => 20000

and the following endpoint POST /fapi/v1/order (Binance API Documentation)

But I’m getting the following error:

  "code" => -1116
  "msg" => "Invalid orderType."

Is there a way to create a Stop Limit order via the futures API? and which order type should I send in order to create the Stop Limit order?

Please refer to the Binance Futures Docs for new order. STOP_LOSS_LIMIT isn’t a valid order type in Futures. You need to use STOP (for limit order) or STOP_MARKET (for market order) instead.