Create order with python-binance and websoket.

Hi everyone,
I saw that Binance allows you to create orders on the market spot via websoket. Unfortunately, in the documentation of the python-binance library, I find no function that allows me to do this?
Could anyone tell me some examples of code that implements this functionality? Alternatively, can you recommend another library for Python that is reliable and that allows you to create orders via websoket?

Thank you.

I would recommend this package , and you can find the example of how to send order via websocket api.

thank you very much!

You can not create order with webocket. You need to use REST Api in order to place order.

This code works for me:

    symbol = "BTCUSDT",
    side = "BUY",
    type = "MARKET",
    quoteOrderQty = 100

This is REST Api not the websocket.

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oh! Ok, thanks!

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