Create / Get all deposit addresses for coin and network from API.

On token deposit page from recent update we can add up to 20 addresses to deposit.
Is there API exposure to this feature?
Now I see only /sapi/v1/capital/deposit/address endpoint to fetch the first one deposit address.
I want to create and see all from api. Does it possible?

You would need to create a loop and call that endpoint for each specific coin/network combination you want to generate/fetch. There’s unfortunately no endpoint that can generate multiple different deposit addresses across different coins/networks in a single request.

You didn’t get my question. On binance UI you have page where you can add multiple deposit addresses for specific coin and network. As you see there is current address lable, this one is retuened by
/sapi/v1/capital/deposit/address endpoint. There is a button to save all these addresses to file, but I better need acess all of these using api. Is it possible now?

Sorry but I did understand your question but unfortunately there is only 1 endpoint relevant to Deposit Addresses and it can only fetch the “Current Address” from a specific Coin and Network at any one time. Here is the documentation for the endpoint, GET /sapi/v1/capital/deposit/address: Binance API Documentation

To perform other functionality like what you described, the only way is via the website UI on the page from your screenshot.