Create an order using futures API with LIMIT and STOP_MARKET of 1%

I want to develop a trading bot that executes orders on binance futures.

I am trying to create LONG and SHORT orders when the price goes up 5% in an specific ammount of time. But every time I try to create an order, I have to make three API calls:

It has happenned multiple times that the first one (LONG - BUY) works but the others fail for different reasons all the time:
APIError(code=-2021): Order would immediately trigger.
APIError(code=-4016): Limit price can’t be higher than 0.82313

Is there any way I can create an order with Take Profit and Srop Loss or just LIMIT and Stop Loss without having to worry that one has been fulfilled and the others havent?

Has anyone ever been able to create a futures OTOCO order using the API? Is there any way of doing so?

I am using Python

futures is not supporting OCO or TP/SL order yet, you may wish to create the order again when seeing this errors.

                    client.futures_create_order(symbol=symbol, side="SELL", timeInForce='GTE_GTC',
                                                type='TAKE_PROFIT_MARKET', positionSide='BOTH',
                                                closePosition=True, priceProtect=True,
                                                quantity=quantity, stopPrice=take_profit_for_long,

                    client.futures_create_order(symbol=symbol, side="SELL", timeInForce='GTE_GTC',
                                                type='STOP_MARKET', positionSide='BOTH',
                                                closePosition=True, priceProtect=True,
                                                quantity=quantity, stopPrice=stop_loss_for_long,