Could you please add request to get all user's trades or endpoint that returns all traded pairs?

In our product users import the trades history of all exchanges they have traded and then make an analysis of that data for taxes and other calculations. And there are many competitors that also do the same.

The problem here is that we have to query all 700 pairs users could have traded because we cannot afford to skip even one and we can’t know what pairs user had traded. So even if the user made a single trade on his account, it takes about 10 minutes for his data to import because we have to make very long pauses between 700+ necessary API calls to avoid rate limit bans.

Could you please either add /myTrades version that would allow to query data for all pairs or add a new endpoint that would allow seeing which pairs user had actually traded, so we won’t have to query all 700 for every one of them?
Note that if you add “all pairs” /myTrades version, it doesn’t have to be fast - it will be mainly used by accounting apps that don’t need realtime speed. so even a minute delay in response here would be ok because for accounting we don’t need super speed.

But even simply returning a full list of pairs a user had traded would be great and simplify our life a lot - and I assume it would take much less time to implement on your side?

Best regards

Thank you for the feedback. For your case, subscribe to websocket USER_DATA is the best choice, maybe the only reasonable solution from Binance. There is no request limit concern, no need to go though all trading pairs, the websocket server will only push when the trade is triggered on any symbol.

Hope this will be helpful.

@dino “the websocket server will only push when the trade is triggered on any symbol.” but that’s not what we and many other API users need. We need a way to load all trade history for all trade pairs, importing only realtime trades will not help. And it seems that it’s not possib;e to query historical data via websockets anyway.
Could you please ask devs to have a look at this topic? It is important and it will reduce the load on their API servers