Could /fapi/v1/fundingRate iterate over pages in backward?

For retrieving candlesticks on spot (/api/v3/klines) or on future (/fapi/v1/klines), I iterate over pages in backward. For this, I don’t give a startTime. I give only a endTime (like 1st December 2020). I get the 1,000 entries just before the 1st December. If I want more entries in the past, I do another call with endTime = date of the thousandth back entries, etc.

For retrieving funding rates, I did the same and believed it works the same way. However, it’s not the case. If you don’t give a startTime but only a endTime, you get the first 1,000 entries from the beginning of the product quotations. For example, in BTCUSDT, endTime = 2020-11-01 gives entries between 2019-09-10 and 2020-08-08.

Could /fapi/v1/fundingRate behave the same way as /api/v3/klines and /fapi/v1/klines?

Thank you for the feedback; will investigate