Conversion history missing from Binance API for tax purposes

Please, make conversion history data available in the binance API for taxes purposes

After some research found that the difference on my results was also related to this, conversion history is not retrieved by any endpoint thus causing a difference in balances.

It will be very useful to have this feature, fully supporting this request.

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Any updates on this feature?
This is a really important feature for data consistency.

Hi. What kind of the conversion data you are looking at?

Hello dear, the convert history (see picture uploaded), you know, when you go from one coin to another.
This history is not available in the API.

Thank you.


Thanks for submitting this Flora, just marked this post with tag feature_requests.


Hello, how is this API implementation going?

I really need this to compose my tax fillings… Without this endpoint I am simply not able to compose my historical balances in my Binance account. This is a critical missing feature in your API, need to be corrected asap.

Another follow up. Being able to fetch conversion history via API is critical from the data integrity point of view. There is no point in fetching an account history if some random transactions might be missing. Please provide this feature ASAP.

Converts should be accessible via the API if not included in the existing trade endpoints. These are trades for tax purposes and make sense to be structured as such.

Any news on this? This is crucial for tax reporting for me :sweat_smile::grimacing:


there is this endpoint:

I think this is new.


Many thanks for spotting this!

SAVED MY DAY ! Love you bud

Thanks @arezi! but API auto sync still cannot get Convert History.

Hi @aisling ,

When this endpoint can be included into API auto sync? I just tried with Koinly via API. It is still not working for Convert History.


Hey @Brook_DJ , what do you mean by API auto sync? Koinly is out of our control.

Hey @aisling ,

Yes, I understand Koinly is not under your control. However, it seems the scope of Binance API doesn’t include Convert History.


Hi @Brook_DJ, I’m not understanding your exact question. There is Convert Trade History endpoint.
Whether Koinly uses an “API auto sync” method to detect new endpoints from Binance or not, it’s up to them. If you have another meaning for “API auto sync”, please share an example for our better understanding.

Hi guys so basically this “Convert History” endpoint is not practical on its own, what is needed is that the convert history needs to be exported as part of the “Tax Report API” you already have, that API is really useless without it, I have 2k transactions to fix…

At minimum you should put a warning in that Convert feature in the meantime so that people is aware the Tax nightmare they are signing for.

Hi people,

So i’m trying this good news about the new endpoint here posted by @arezi

My first attempt with a valid payload gives me this error.

  1. Any reason why this is shown?
  2. The recvWindow is not required, could be the reason of this error? (i don’t know what value could be correct)
  3. This is a clear USERDATA endpoint, why is not requesting for the signature if so?

I’m creating a new thread with the same information.