Connection reset by peer

I’ve been getting Errno 104 (Connection reset by peer) recently. It is often raised when I ask for futures aggtrade. why is this error raised and how can i fix it

This error is usually thrown when the same session is used for a long period of time. More info for managing websocket connections could be found here.

but it wasnt raised from websocket. it was raised when asking for recent trades list(/fapi/v1/trades)

I have the same issue, when I asked count of trades from

I have the same problem on many different computers when using the REST endpoints, I don’t get any http 429 (rate limit) responses so I would really like to know why this keeps happening so frequently! It seems like a Python thing.

I have encountered this same error frequently recently. The python I use calls /fapi/v1/order; is there a solution now?

I did have the same error. In my case, maybe the causal endpoint was /fapi/v1/klines.
All the endpoint said here are from futures API.