Colossal gaps in Open Interest data

When I ask for the last x400 5m bars of the Open Interest Historical data while using URL call that clearly specifies bar’s length and the number of bars:

. . . then I get back x400 rows, but only the most recent x400 bars. So far so good.

When I use this different URL, where I only supply start and end timestamp, which is still x400 bars long, than I only get back x30 - x60 rows. Practically over 90% of rows are missing and I get huge gaps in data.

I don’t get it why this second syntax returns less data, together with loads of nasty gaps. I need second syntax because I don’t want just the last x400 bars, but x400 bars before the last and so on all the way to the beginning of the dataset held on the server.

My appologies, I’ve just solved the problem myself.

One simply has to use parameter &limit=400 in the above URL and then there are no gaps and I’ve just download x8,400 rows, scot free. Here is correct URL:

Please note that if you are trying the above URL startTime and endTime timestamps will run out of a range after 30 days from writing this post.

Ok great that you have resolved it. Also FYI, you can also manually download large sets of data through this page:

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Thanks for the link, but I’m mostly after the metrics data, like Open Interest, Funding Rate etc.