Collateral Adjustment exceeds the maximum limit [ERR: -10046]

I’m using this endpoint to readjust LTV for a loan (add or subtract collateral):

It works fine when I add collateral (use direction=‘ADDITIONAL’), but when I’m trying to subtract collateral (‘REDUCED’) I get the obscure error:
400, -10046, 'Collateral Adjustment exceeds the maximum limit. Please try again.'

This is independent of the amount of collateral (and I’m making sure to LTV be below the needed level).

The error isn’t on the list:


Spot Margin functionalities are not present at GitHub - binance/binance-spot-api-docs: Official Documentation for the Binance Spot APIs and Streams repository, this repository is for Spot only.

The mentioned error message is under, which relates to your adjustment amount being too high.

Since this behavior probably also happens when you’re using the Website, I would suggest contacting the customer support there, because they’ll have visibility into your crypto loan settings and therefore the clarification will be quicker.