["code":-1102,"msg":"Mandatory parameter 'amount' was not sent"] purchasing staking product with Java API

while using the official Java API Library ( io.github.binance.binance-connector-java) to execute purchases of Staking products for various assets i came across this error: {“code”:-1102,“msg”:“Mandatory parameter ‘amount’ was not sent, was empty/null, or malformed.”}.
The error occurred only for some assets/products while for other pairs the purchase completed correctly and in every call to the API, the “amount” parameter was correctly set as a Double value as expected by the method “com.binance.connector.client.impl.spot.Staking.purchase(LinkedHashMap<String, Object> parameters)”.

After some troubleshooting I found that the error occurs every time I pass an amount value with decimal digits with every asset/productId pair, while if I pass an integer value, the call completes correctly every time.

Looking at the querystring that is generated with decimal values I found that the library escapes the decimal separator with %2C:


while with integer values there are no escapes and the call succedes:


Does someone has faced the same issue or has any hint on how to solve it?

Thank you all,


Please open an issue on the github repository so that it can be tracked and handled accordingly.