{ code: -1013, msg: 'Filter failure: LOT_SIZE' }

This may be an already asked question but the solution provided does not help me to fully understand what I am doing wrong.
I am working directly on the mainet.
The issue happens when I try to create limit orders. Please check the bellow code.
I need help figuring out what could be the cause of the problem and how to solve.
Here the code that sends the request:

      let params = {
        symbol: symbol,
        side: side,
        type: "LIMIT",
        timeInForce: "GTC",
        quantity: format(quantity),//sprintf("%.8f", quantity)
        price: format(price),
      this.checkParams(params, [

The created URL looks like this:


To understand why you’re getting that error you can do the following steps:

  1. Fetch the LOT_SIZE filter for the BTCUSDT trading pair using the Binance API. You can do this by making a GET request to the following endpoint:
  • This will give you a response containing information about all trading pairs, including the LOT_SIZE filter.
  1. Once you have the LOT_SIZE filter information for your specific pair (BTCUSDT), check if your specified quantity (0.00187064) falls within the allowed range and precision defined by the filter.
  • Ensure that the quantity is within the minQty and maxQty limits.
  • Ensure that the quantity conforms to the stepSize (the allowed increment/decrement) specified by the filter.

Eg. for BTCUSDT, the relevant values are:

  • minQty: 0.00001000
  • maxQty: 9000.00000000
  • stepSize: 0.00001000

So in this particular situation, your quantity of 0.00187064 doesn’t conform to the stepSize which is why you’re receiving that error.

Hope that helps!