Client order id is not valid on creating futures order

I use python`s uuid4 function to generate clientOrderId parameter.
It worked fine, but today binance rejected one of my orders with error:
“code = -4015. Client order id is not valid”

clientOrderId = e8734912-e208-45b8-b7d1-75eff05bfb85

This ID is following rule: ^[.A-Z:/a-z0-9_-]{1,36}$

What can be reason of such problem?

Your UUID appears to be valid, but it might be worth ensuring that there are no extra characters in the UUID in the final request. For instance, if your UUID includes curly braces {} or any other special characters that are not part of the allowed set, you may need to remove them or replace them with characters that comply with Binance’s requirements.