CCXT Library Open orders in Binance Spot Leverage

Need some help…
Binance has a Spot market that allows you to set orders with or without leverage. I am not talking about futures contracts, I am talking about the Spot market. In CCXT library there is a module to connect Binance Spot but I cannot find information to be able to issue orders with leverage in the Spot market. Binance has the Spot market and has two wallets, one for leverage orders and another without leverage.
How could I be able to connect to the two wallets to be able to place operations in Spot with and without leverage.

Is it possible to set leverage orders in Spot using CCXT?


Hello, I believe you’re referring to Spot Margin Market, its API endpoints can be found here :, it’s called

CCXT is not an official library, if you have questions on its usability please reach out to the CCXT community for support, although if it’s regards to our API Doc, feel free to post here again.