Catch "Order does not exist." in Future Market API while the order is really exist

Yesterday when I was tried to check the placed and existed order, I catch the “Order does not exist.” from 2021/01/31 19: 52 to 2021/01/31 20: 28. Before and after that, all things were ok, and there was no problem with the order.

Can you help to figure out what the problem is?

Please have a look at this post: FAQ: Error message "Order does not exist"

Please guys… This is not the answer… You are just explaining the problem but not solving it. The issue is that even after delay of mins to hrs , we are not able to locate our orders and every time ww have to log in website to check status…
Isn’t it an issue …
It could have been neglected if the the delay was less than a second or two but now it is showing error for orders that were created even hours before…(sometimes it is showing the result, but not if we check it again)

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@mahesh_solanki I agree this is not ideal because the behavior is inconsistent.
However, here is what I think is happening:

When you place an order, you get a JSON response corresponding to the one you would get with GET /fapi/v1/order. This is where you get the order id that lets you query the order status with a GET request.
Three cases:

  • The order is filled (partially or fully), this is what @dino refered to as the order “hitting the matching engine” in the FAQ, and in this case the GET /fapi/v1/order works (maybe only after a few seconds, as he pointed out, depending on market conditions)
  • The order isn’t filled immediately (for example a LIMIT BUY order at a low limit price). This is where we get the “Order does not exist” response that is annoying us. But, it means that there was no change to the order, so you can refer to the order status response you got with POST /fapi/v1/order (when placing the order), because that should be the same.
  • The order has been cancelled, an in this case I think the GET /fapi/v1/order should work because the order status has changed