Can't I make a STOP LOSS order on any symbol?

Trying to make a STOP LOSS order on symbol TRIBEUSDT:

	queryString = qs.stringify({
		symbol: 'TRIBEUSDT',
		side: 'SELL',
		type: 'STOP_LOSS',
		stopPrice: 0.1563,
		quantity: 153,
		recvWindow: 20000,

but I get this response:

	error: {
		code: -1013,
		msg: 'Stop loss orders are not supported for this symbol.'

Why? Can’t I make a STOP LOSS order on any symbol? And if so, how can I know if symbol support STOP_LOSS?

My idea is to put a “limit” for the bottom, so if the price go lower (even with a sharp), I sell at the stopPrice (and no lower).

Can you help me?

Ok I think I found how to retrieve which order types are supported for any symbol, using It seems for TRIBEUSDT these are the supported:



But how to find out the payload structure for “STOP_LOSS_LIMIT” or “TAKE_PROFIT_LIMIT” ?