Can't get over 1000 Futures Income records in one timestamp with the API

Hi there,

One of my company accounts has more than 1000 records in one timestamp, one ‘symbol’, and one ‘incomeType’, in Perpetual Futures Income History API.
Cause the max limit is only 1000 records per API call and there is no unique ID per income record, I have no way to get the full income history.

Do I have any other way to get the full income history with the futures income API?

You need to specify startTime if you want earlier records

Yes, I set the startTime and endTime with the exactly same timestamp, but income records on THAT timestamp are over 1000, so there is no way to get the full history on that timestamp.

Sorry, I didn’t see your request clearly. You need to write a loop and use the time you enable your futures account as a starter and use the last record time+1 as your starter in the next iteration.

Thank you for the reply.

However, in my case, on ONE timestamp, namely 1614003300000, has more than 1000 records.
So I set the startTime 1614003300000, endTime 1614003300000, and one symbol (FILUSDT) and one incomeType (REALIZED_PNL), and the records are over 1000, so no way to get the full history.
That is my situation.

Then you’d have to use the webpage to download everything. API has its limits

Hello, sorry @MJW but this does not seem like an acceptable answer, the API should be able to return all records (the website is able to get the data through a non documented endpoint). I’d like to bump this ticket since I’m encountering the same issue.

Possible solutions would be: allow pagination with tranId, return millisecond timestamps instead of rounded the second, provide pagination.