Cannot receive User Data Stream via Websocket in Java

Hello there! I’m using this library for Java Websocket. I initiate the Websocket correctly and I can get market prices properly through it.
Now, when I try to subscribe to my account’s user stream endpoints using the listenkey I get, it says that it waits for events to occur (which is good). However whenever I open/close some orders on my account (from which I created the given API key) I receive no messages on my Websocket. Has anyone else managed to get User Data Streams for his account using this library?

it seems an issue from the library. However you can always check if you are able to get user data from the listenKey via another tool first.

Thank you for your reply. Can you then suggest any other tool? I was not able to find one working with java.

Well, I tested it further and it works like a charm for spot trading but not for futures trading.

Since I need a user data stream listener for futures trading I can see only 2 options:

a)Can we change the core code of this library so it targets to the futures trading stream link instead of the spot trading one?

b)If not, can somebody suggest any other library that works with futures trading websocket, e.g. this one could do the work?

I have the same problem!
@preks how did you fix the issue? is there any better library?

@PooyaRah Hello there. Well, I realized that the library I was using was only for Binance Spot Trading. Later, I changed to this library which seemed to be the best for Binance Futures. The specific link leads you to the aproppriate code for getting the User Data Stream. I used it and it worked like a charm! However, after a while I left it too, so I can’t help you with further steps if you need any.

thanks for your answer.
does this library work on testnet?

Yes, as far as I remember it worked fine with testnet!