Cancel order latency

I am currently trading with the USDS-M Futures API. I have some issues with the cancel order latency, in particular, orders being filled after sending a request for cancellation. Can anyone assist with the following questions?

  1. I often have multiple orders on the book that need to be replaced. Since Binance does not offer the ability to update existing orders, I need to cancel orders and place orders at the same time (while leaving others on the books). In terms of speed-to-cancel, is batchOrders the fastest way to do this? Or should I submit a cancelOrder for each?
  2. Does Binance process a cancellation by numeric ID or string ID faster?
  3. Any suggestions that would lower the latency for order cancellations?
  1. I would say batchOrders reduces the risk of network latency as compared to sending multiple cancel order across the net.
  2. You can test it out but i would say it shouldn’t differ much.
  3. Ensure you have a good connection to the server. Sometimes latencies cannot be avoided due to sudden spike in trading volume etc.

Thank you Chai for your prompt response. What best practices are there in the case of latencies caused by a sudden spike in volume when trades need to be replaced or cancelled?

I am seeing more than a 10x increase in cancel order latencies at times.