Cancel order fail - Order does not exist


I’m having a randomly happening issue when trying to cancel orders. While sometimes it works great, some other times “DELETE”, “/api/v3/order” excepts ‘Order does not exist’, however I input a valid ‘orderId’, which is confirm by the fact that “DELETE”, “/api/v3/order” is only triggered while “GET”, “/api/v3/order” status isn’t ‘CANCELED’ or ‘FILLED’.
So how come ‘GET’ method works and sometimes “DELETE” doesn’t ?
Thanks a lot for the help !


The Cancel request failed with this error message is because the backend can NOT find this order in OPEN status, reason can be:

a) Order is not found from this API key
b) Order is found, but it’s status is NOT OPEN, can be one of FILLED, CANCELLED, EXPIRED etc