Cancel Multiple Orders give me error "Unknown order sent"

Hello! I tried send request for cancel multiple orders with id parametres.

    $parametrs = [ 
        'symbol' => "ETHUSDT",
        'orderIdList' => '[8389765526403335000,8389765526400929000]',

but i get report

[{“code”:-2011,“msg”:“Unknown order sent.”},{“code”:-2011,“msg”:“Unknown order sent.”}]

Where is problem? maybe know someone, please help.

Unknown order sent usually happened to me when there the order ID was wrong. So might be a wrong order ID.

before this i make request for all orders in this symbol

so ids is right

Try to make sure it’s integer type.

This is string type. How i can send several ids in integer type ?

Before you store them in some list, you have to convert all of them to integer. Or while sending, make sure the type is converted to integer. Your order IDs are weird. Shouldn’t they be like 5 characters?

I take this ids using the method “openOrders”.
how in php I can convert such numbers to decimal, do you know the function?)

Hopefully this helps: casting - How do I convert a string to a number in PHP? - Stack Overflow

But in any case, it will not be possible to send several identifiers separated by commas with an integer type, they will be sent as a string anyway

And ids is long. check app)

Ok, I see. Try canceling one order first. If string type works, then something else is wrong. If not, then it’s type issue, maybe.

I changed parameter to “origClientOrderIdList” and it’s work)))
this ids look like this ‘ios_rPUbWMA4wFuTHdUJ7sbe’

Great. It should be resolved then?

Yes. Thank you!

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