Can the API team add a new symbol status like "will be delisted soon" if symbol is known to be delisted in future?

Dear Binance Team,

I used your spot api for half a year now and everything works perfectly fine.

On the latest delisting however, I encountered a little ‘problem’.

Symbol status can at the moment only be “TRADING”, when currency pair can be traded or it is in the delisted state, when you can’t trade it anymore.

The last delisting (this is the support article: was posted on 2020.07.13 exactly one week before the actual delisting.

My problem is, that symbol status for the affected currency pairs will be “TRADING” until the day of 2020.07.20, where they get delisted, so in the api there is no symbol status like for example “Will be delisted”, which should work the following way according to the above mentioned delisting:

before 2020.07.13 --> “TRADING”
after posting article about delisting (2020.07.13) - 2020.07.19 --> “Will be delisted”
from delisting date --> currency is actually delisted

Having an additional symbol status like that would help in these delisting cases, because making market sell order can be executed automatically, if the affected currencies are in the portfolio and if symbol state is “Will be delisted” the bot can be programmed to not even buy those currencies.

It would be very useful, if this status would be implemented in the future.

Thank you in advance for your answer.

Thank you for your feedback, I will forward this suggestion to team for review.

Thank you very much dino.

Hi there, quick question - did this get executed? This would be extreeemly useful. I am currently struggling to come up with a way to not having to rely on manually checking every single day the Binance Announcements to see which symbols would be delisted. Is there a smarter way to do this systematically?

Any updated on this? I see this was requested in 2020, I also think this would be a good feature to have.

Yesterday (26/09/2022) TUSD/USDT was delisted and I got a little issue with my bot, but I already solved it.

It’d be really welcome to know ahead of time when a symbol is known to be delisted, this way I can avoid buying and selling operations on it.

Fortunately my bot didn’t buy any TUSD, but if it had, I don’t know what I’d do with a coin that can no longer be traded within Binance itself.


Hi all,

Sorry for my delayed answer.

Unfortunately I did not receive any feedback about this feature request.

Binance Team, we need a way to know that a PAIR will not be tradeable any more and a way to know that a COIN/TOKEN will be delisted soon. Please. HELP!