Can not load older history of C2C

I’m using @binance/connector module.
I want to analyze my account since the first day I use binance. When i’m fetching my C2C history with this function “client.c2cTradeHistory”, it only return value with timestamp in 2022 (and 1 in late december of 2021). All requests with timestamp in 2021 return empty data although i have a lot of p2p trade these times. When i’m using binance app i can still see p2p history in 2021. Is this endpoint only return value within 6-7 months or i’m using it wrong?
Thanks in advance.

It is stated in the documentation(Binance API Documentation) that the max interval between startTimestamp and endTimestamp is 30 days.

I know, my interval is less than 30 days, and it work well with interval in 2022 (for example: 7/15/2022 to 8/1/2022), but when i’m using an interval in 2021 (7/15/2021 to 8/1/2021) it return empty data.