can not get any information from saving api -> /sapi/v1/lending/union/account

Hi, I am trying to use node.js pkg “@binance/connector” to get total asset about my account, just like what I saw on the website or app, but I get all “0” result from “/sapi/v1/lending/union/account”, here is my call code:

const {} = require('@binance/connector');
const instance = new Spot('api key', 'api secret');

and here is what I got:


It’s ok for another API just like “/sapi/v1/lending/project/position/list”, I don’t why “/sapi/v1/lending/union/account” did not work, can you guys please give me some advice, think you every much!

Check that you are using the same API Key for both requests.

@Chai yes, I’m pretty sure it’s the same key, because I only have one key