calculate commission fee in order api

Hi there
I am not familiar with the response of binance order API but i need to know every orders commission fee.
Actually, there is ‘fills’ array it has several commission fee arrays and i am confused.
Not sure how to determine the correct commission fee.
Can you give me a point about this?

‘fills’ array is for when an order needs several trades to fill all of its quantity, for each trade there’s the commission fee.

Hi @aisling
Thanks for your answer.
What i have to know is that I need to calculate the commission fee for each order, no matter limit or market order(let’s say market order).
How to calculate it?
Do i need to sum up commission fees in fills array?

I checked account_information api and reponse data too.
I retrieve balance data.
It looks like it’s only one solution.
Thanks for your support.

You can consider GET /api/v3/myTrades (