Buy/Sell (Payment) History throuth API

I try get history of direct buy and sell coins operations but not found one endpoint with this data. For example, if we buy coin with Credit Card, i can’t retrieve this operation. Then cannot retrieve initial cash balance for this coin.

In the web UI is located on “Buy/Sell history”

In this page, we can see internal endpoint used by system:

Without this data, my coin balances never be right.

Can you make this data avaliable throuth API endpoint?


Thanks for your feedback, it’s in the plan, but no ETA yet.

While not avaliable, have any workaround to get this information?

I realy need for compose correct coin cash balance.

No eta for this one?

it’s made available through the gui… if the api provided at least a timestamp and an amount (gui provides much more info), it would be a huge game-changer for many of us. right now, the best we have for dealing with this are absurd workarounds or manual data import “solutions.”

Any guidance would be much appreciated!

I really need this feature also. =)

Yes is be helpful +1