Buy\sell data

I want to make a parser. However, I was stuck on a problem. How can I understand if a person is buying or selling?


Can you be more specific as to what endpoint you’re referring to? If you’re pulling trade history, understand that each trade has a buyer and a seller. Obviously a trade must have both for it to be a completed trade. Otherwise it would still be a pending order on the orderbook which has a side parameter which is either BUY or SELL.

If you go on binance spot website you will see that some trades are greenish(basically someone is buying) and others are reddish(someone is selling). So how can i collect these information? I’ have showed some data before:
{“id”: 2847225135,
“price”: “23788.00000000”,
“qty”: “5.93036000”,
“quoteQty”: “141071.40368000”,
“time”: 1677682300079,
“isBuyerMaker”: “True”,
“isBestMatch”: “True”}