buy limit order not getting executed

i am trying to place buy limit order order is placed but not executed even if the price hits. and the buy market gets executed far more than the current price.

could you please give order details for investigation? thank you

the prices are different in test mode.i see the price of ethereum it show ETHBUSD is 461.52 .I place limit order but it does not get executed no matter what ,it show in open orders.but if i place a market order it gets executed immidiately.

buy_order = client.create_order(symbol=‘ETHBUSD’, side=‘BUY’, type=‘LIMIT’, timeInForce=‘GTC’, quantity=1,price=461.52 )

thank you for the info, unfortunately it’s still not enough to debug. I would happy to see these data:

  • what the limit order details, showing order status and timestamp
  • the timestamp that should be matched
  • the observed timestamp that order is still in open status.

thank you