Buy BTC with EUR using DotNet Connector

Hello! I am trying to buy BTC with EUR from the API with my Binance Fiat Balance using the
DotNet connector library → GitHub - binance/binance-connector-dotnet: Lightweight connector for integration with Binance API
Can anyone help me or show me how to do it or better documentation.
For example I want to buy BTC for 10 euro value.
This is my code but I am hitting a bump. →

Thank you this is how my code looks like now and it is working.

The failure is written in the exception message:
Parameter 'price' sent when not required.
It’s a market order, you don’t have to send price → API documentation at Binance API Documentation

Yes I can see that. The idea is if you know a way to make the order/purchase I described. Considering the code I wrote may not be for that. Is there a way to buy BTC for 10 EURO for example ?

There’s the quoteOrderQty parameter.
For symbol BTCEUR, you can use quoteOrderQty=10 to purchase BTC

More details: Beginner's Guide to QuoteOrderQty Market Orders

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