Bugs since latest update (v1.25.0)


Not able to find the right category to inform this bug, but here it is anyways.
Since latest update v1.25.0 for the Binance app, I can see 2 errors:

  1. The Trade / Trading View option keeps loading forever for all coins, I checked with other fellows and they see the same issue, so it does not seems to be on my machine.

  2. When trying to buy/sell in Limit option (probably others as well, didnt’t check that much), you can see that while typing the numbers, the processor usage gets incremented drastically, if you type in the “amount” or in the “Total”, you will feel some delay on the typing, it takes 1 second for the number to appear, also if you open your task manager, you can confirm that binance goes to the top1 in most processor used at the same time you type.

I cant add more than one screenshot, so all the errors here at the same time:

These issues started to happen after I updated to the latest version, it was working perfectly fine with the previous version.

Hope it helps.

Hi. May I know what’s your operating system, android or ios?

This is over Windows, using the Binance App (not webpage)

Nobody else is having this issue? the Trading View option is not loading, keeps spinning forever.

I uninstalled and reinstalled just in case and same problem persists.


We are unable to produce this issue from our end.

  • Are you still experiencing this issue?
  • Have you upgraded to the new version of 1.26.0?
  • Which version of Windows OS are you using?
  • Do you have the same issue on 61036.18 | BTCUSDT | Binance Spot?

Hey @tantialex ,

So that specific case when I reported this, I needed to format my pc to solve the issue :confused:

A few days back it happened the same error again, and I noticed there is an option here in binance on the “config wheel / Clean Cache”, after using this option, everything started to work back to normal.

I’m using latest windows 10 version, with latest Binance version. I’m always at the latest possible released versions for all.