bug in the "Get Income History" endpoint

I think there is a bug in the “Get Income History(USER_DATA)” endpoint (GET /fapi/v1/income).

The account I used for testing have 42 income records in 2021 March 16-17, and 12 records in 2021 Jan 19-25.
If I set startTime as of 2019-08-01, I can retrieve all 54 records back. However if I set startTime as of 2019-07-01, it will only get back 42 records of March 16-17. I think it somehow triggered the “recent 7-day data” logic so only returns the recent 7 days records. The above behavior is the same either when endTime is set to today or omitted.

In the document is says: “If neither startTime nor endTime is sent, the recent 7-day data will be returned.”

Will someone look at this please? This bug makes our historical synchronization very unreliable.

Please specify a reasonable start time like the time you enabled your futures account