Today I opened a market buy order without stop loss or take profit via API on real account. I got response from api with order ID but on web platform the order did not open. The position button from web platform indicated 0 positions but in Trade History button the order appear and also the fee is taken. So, fee was charged, 0 position opened and response from api OK. What can I do?

I can’t use my bot because local computer accounting of orders is destroyed by this confirmed API trades but missed to be opened in Real Platform.
If anything is needed from my side please respond. Hopefully someone from Binance will help me.
Best regards,

Api response:
{‘orderId’: 40405954018, ‘symbol’: ‘BTCUSDT’, ‘status’: ‘NEW’, ‘clientOrderId’: ‘Kp5Soe29MWAprLEsMGtlLh’, ‘price’: ‘0’, ‘avgPrice’: ‘0.00000’, ‘origQty’: ‘0.001’, ‘executedQty’: ‘0’, ‘cumQty’: ‘0’, ‘cumQuote’: ‘0’, ‘timeInForce’: ‘GTC’, ‘type’: ‘MARKET’, ‘reduceOnly’: False, ‘closePosition’: False, ‘side’: ‘BUY’, ‘positionSide’: ‘BOTH’, ‘stopPrice’: ‘0’, ‘workingType’: ‘CONTRACT_PRICE’, ‘priceProtect’: False, ‘origType’: ‘MARKET’, ‘updateTime’: 1641826836654}

2022-01-10 17:00:36.820693 Romanian Time,

web platform:
41616.67 | BTCUSDT USDⓈ-Margined Perpetual | Binance Futures

The response you provided indicates that the order was accepted by the system but was yet to be filled.

A position is not generated until the order is filled.

However, this that said the order placed is a market order, therefore it most likely filled asynchronously due to omitted parameter newOrderRespType.

If you still are unable to view a position, I suggest contacting Binance Customer Support regarding the issue.