BNB fees & API

Hello everyone! I am new to binance. Please tell me.

  1. If I trade perpetual contracts, do I need to have BNB in ​​a spot wallet or in a futures wallet to lower my fees?

  2. The / fapi / v1 / premiumIndex method returns the previous funding. Is there an API allows you to get a percentage of the next funding?

  3. The default weight for creating order is 1. How my weight will change if i will spam with orders and don’t trade? Will the weight of my orders increase? Is there an API where i can see my weight?

  1. Enable BNB discount in user dashboard from UI, then move BNB to futures wallet.

  2. Not from API yet.

  3. X-MBX-USED-WEIGHT-1M and X-MBX-ORDER-COUNT-1M are returned from API response, which indicated the current usage.

Here is more details about limit at Binance, please let us know if you have any questions.

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