BNB account balance does not match up with numbers from trades/dust/fees

Hello there nice people,

The account balance total for BNB as returned by /api/v3/account seems inconsistent with other BNB data from the API. Based on data from /api/v3/myTrades and /wapi/v3/userAssetDribbletLog.html, I have done the following calculation:

my full history of BNB buy trade amounts (23.769)
+ my full history of BNB dust transferred amounts (0.00112089)
- my full history of BNB sell trade amounts (5.93)
- my full history of trade fees paid in BNB (1.67772645)
- my full history of dust transfer fees paid in BNB (0.00002286)

In my case this results in a total of 16.16237158 BNB. The account balance from /api/v3/account tells me that my current total BNB holdings amount to 16.16239441.

Notice the difference of 0.00002283 BNB that I do not manage to account for. Also notice how this number is very close but not equal to the total amount of dust transfer fees that I have paid. Could it be that there is a glitch in your account balance calculation? If not, what am I missing in my calculation?

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Cheers, Tim

Update: it seems that the problem with my calculation is that I subtract the dust transfer fees, while the dust transfer amounts are already net of those.

That would close in the difference between calculated balance and API balance to 0.00000003. Which is negligible as far as I am concerned.

But still weird and a bit concerning, wouldn’t you agree?

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it all lines up for spot accounts. I also felt inconvenienced trying to work through all the nuances myself. keep all floating point precision consistent during the calculation process.

although 0.00000003 may seem negligible, it adds up fast, and once you start plowing through allot more data, your results are gonna start looking real funky, could cause further bad moves.

Hey there, for this kind of question I think the best contact will be the Customer Support as we don’t have access to user account related information (balances, conversions, trades, etc.), but the amount should be the same in from API and UI, so the CS can probably help better.

Note: wapi will be delisted in the future, more details:

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Just found out about this issue, but I had the very same experience mid of 2021.
Customer service never understood my issue and was unable to redirect it to the responsible Developers.

I found most interesting the difference between User Interface numbers and actual API results.
My dust conversion had a total of 128 entries.

Today I can’t even retest this issue since my old transactions are vanished from the API (older than 12 month?) and the responses are limited to 100 entries anyways.