BinanceSocketApi to get the User Private Data like UserOrders

I am using a C# package BinanceNet in which I want to get the user’s private data like UserOrders, TradeHisotry, and AccountInfo but I don’t want to use the Rest Api provided by the Binance, I want to use the socket API.


Have you considered using the connector dotnet library?
It includes examples demonstrating various functionalities like AccountInfo, UserOrders or Trade History requests.

SubscribeToUserDataUpdatesAsync() This is the method in the BinanceNet library that’s used to get the Wallet info and Orders info in a realtime this method was available in the SpotApi.Account class Binance API Documentation

I have this setup and it worked for few days, but, suddently today it stopped working and I do not get order updates anymore. Do you know why is this happening?

No, I don’t but you can check the API key or try API to get orders