Binance websocket candle values don't match with Binance client

Hi, I’m running into a problem here. I’m trying to get candlestick values (open price, close price, volume, etc…) from Binance websocket stream. But the values I get are very different than the values displayed in the Binance client.

Output from code:
2023-03-13 18:02:00 Candle closed, Open 24144.59, High 24146.96, Low 24112.01, Close 24140.77

2023-03-13 18:03:00 Candle closed, Open 24138.71, High 24148.81, Low 24116.53, Close 24148.81

2023-03-13 18:04:00 Candle closed, Open 24147.12, High 24169.21, Low 24140.52, Close 24143.51

And the actual values from client are:
18:02:00 Open 24214.96, High 24216.68, Low 24181.83, Close 24209.66

18:03:00 Open 24210.02, High 24213.85, Low 24184.70, Close 24214.61

All time listed here are in PST

The endpioint I was using is:
WSsocket= ‘wss://’

I know there’s different api endpoints for Binance Futures and Binance. My output from the code is acutally a lot closer to the values from Binance Futures. I think it could be the problem with endpoint but I’m not sure what’s wrong.

Please make a screenshot of the value you find. Which client are you comparing with websocket data? web UI kline?
Also please change it to UTC time for investigation.