Withdraw Fiat via API

Hi. I found very little documentation or instructions about BinanceUS’s fiat withdrawal endpoint. When I tried using the endpoint, it seems like ACH withdrawals do not work and using the Silvergate Exchange Network (SEN) is required? Attempting to withdraw to an ACH paymentAccount yielded “HTTP Response error: 400. {“code”:-9000,“msg”:“not bind sen”}”. There is no documentation about how to setup SEN with your BinanceUS account or if it’s even possible. Also, I feel like most customers use ACH or Wire Transfers for withdrawals and SEN isn’t used or mentioned anywhere else on the website.

If so, is it possible for ACH withdrawal support to get added to the BinanceUS API? For reference, Bittrex and CoinbasePro support this in their api’s, and it would be very useful if did too.

Thanks, we will let team know.

Hi, it seems that you are not bound to sen for this err:

{“code”:-9000,“msg”:“not bind sen”}”.

Actually you can bind by yourself or contact customer service to help bind.

Hi, do you know where on BinanceUS’s website you can bind SEN and what exactly this means? The only options available on the website are to add ACH, Debit Card, or Domestic Wire. Is is possible to bind to our ACH payment method?

i would suggest to talk to customer support for help.