Binance Shopping Cart Integration API?

I’m considering the option of accepting cryptos in a custom shopping cart. For PayPal, it has a IPN webhook that notifies of payments received. Does Binance have a similar webhook to receive payment notifications?

If not, what would be the recommended approach.

thank you for the feedback. Crypto payment gateway may not be as smooth as traditional channels.

If you wish to monitor the payment into wallet at Binance, there will be a websocket message with event balanceUpdate when these occurs:

  • Deposits or withdrawals from the account
  • Transfer of funds between accounts (e.g. Spot to Margin)

These will be helpful to get notice when new funds is received from other accounts.

I’ve done a fair deal of investigation about the best solutions to accept cryptos: BitPay, CoinGate, GoCoin… and CoinBase Commernce seems like the best option. No fees, simple ID requirements, simple API, then I can transfer the funds to Binance.

  "e": "balanceUpdate",         //Event Type
  "E": 1573200697110,           //Event Time
  "a": "BTC",                   //Asset
  "d": "100.00000000",          //Balance Delta
  "T": 1573200697068            //Clear Time

I’m seeing 2 challenges. First, receiving the event requires an active listener that is kept alive. If the application goes offline or there’s connectivity issue, the event is loss. It’s difficult to maintain and unreliable. I need a way to fetch past transactions.

Second issue is that there is no information to identity the customer. What would be the best approach to match a payment with a customer?

Or perhaps better – use a crypto service that has better API support for this.

I’m not familiar with those services, but happy to see they meet your requirement.