Binance sending amount in Node.js

Hello. I am trying to code in Node Js the solution for getting the funds and the account information for a transaction as well as transferring the amount of a currency (BTC, LTC, ETH, etc.) from a specific user. How do I do all this in Node.js? What is the code for this?

You can take a look at this library. It consist of all endpoints in the API documentation (Binance API Documentation)

Just use Mida (you find on GitHub)

import { login, } from "@reiryoku/mida";

const myAccount = await login("Binance/Spot", {
    apiKey: "***",
    apiSecret: "***",

console.log(await myAccount.getBalanceSheet()); // Everything that you have in your wallet
console.log(await myAccount.getEquity()); // Your total USDT if you had to convert all assets for it
console.log(await myAccount.getAssetBalance("ETH")); // Your ETH balance

I don’t know if it’s also possible to transfer