I joined to Binance Support telegram group from Binance API Documentation

I publish an issue with API (script wrote in NodeJS) in there and someone Dom (Binance Angel) @BinanceCzechoSlovakia to starting a private chat whith me.

He told me to fix my issue is necessarty to start a binance rectification processing.

Just few minutes after, the process were 100% complete so he send my a pdf telling me about the process and requesting me 0.01 BTC for this process.

I don’t really feel confortable with this because in no moment he told me I have to pay for that process.


please check this out because I feel is not normal like a support service because my issue is related to my nodejs script code.

No Binance employee will request payments for Binance related services. Please beware of scammers which impersonate Binance.

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Thanks for your rapid response! But I can’t understand why those guys are comming from issues in Binance’s telegram official group.

Those ones are the only one who replies. No one reply under official group.